Coachella 2012: We’re Off!

“We can be a whole group of friends, a whole group of frogs, jumping into the street, jumping into the planet, climbing up the buildings, swimming in the lakes and the bathtubs. We would be hundreds, thousands, millions, the biggest group of friends the world has ever seen. Jumping and laughing forever.

It would be great, right?” -M83: “Raconte-Moi Une Histoire”

See you on the other side!



Coachella Spotlight: Flying Lotus

By: Jack Stein

“Zodiac Shit”

* * *

The Los Angeles music scene is a dynamic and eclectic one. Continue reading

Coachella Spotlight: Kaskade

By: Jack Stein

Long a bastion for indie music lovers the world over, Coachella has undergone its inevitable metamorphosis into the biggest American electronic music festival this side of Ultra. Continue reading

Jeff Mangum

By: Max Burke


For many of you closer to my age (early 20’s), the name Jeff Mangum might not mean much to you.  In fact, many of you may not have heard of him—his former band Neutral Milk Hotel last released an album in 1998.  So why, you might wonder, is the name Jeff Mangum featured so prominently on the Coachella lineup (second-boldest font possible)?  Continue reading

Coachella Dissection: The Black Keys

By: Justin Pitts

* * *

Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney of the Black Keys have a long history together. First meeting when mere children, the two began a friendship in high school that has lasted through the ups and downs of a once struggling and unknown band called the Black Keys. Many would be surprised to hear that the Black Keys released four full length albums and one demo before reaching the top of the charts with the critically acclaimed Brothers LP. In fact, they were so off the radar the two had to dip into their own pockets to sustain a tour. Despite their struggles, the Black Keys have managed to adapt to the cruel world of ‘the business of music’ and finally reach success. But at what cost?

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Local Puget Sounder Oberhofer at Coachella

Brad Oberhofer of Oberhofer is a Tacoma native who moved to Brooklyn a few years back to pursue a career in music.  Apparently he found some success out there because he has been featured in Sobe commercials and will be playing at this year’s Coachella.  I am told that he originally made Oberhofer’s music on his own, but he now has a band to help.  They will soon be releasing a full length album titled Time Capsule II (according to Pitchfork). Oberhofer’s poppy, yet diverse, sound will likely make for a nice set on the Polo Fields.

Here’s the single “Heart” from the upcoming album Time Capsule II.  You can download it too:

“oO0OoO0Oowas featured in a Sobe commercial.  Here it is featured in a clip on Sobe’s skinsuite add campaign, starring the gorgeous Ashley Green.


Coachella Artist Spotlight: Kendrick Lamar

By: Jack Stein

* * *

2011 was something of a banner year for independent hip-hop, as it ushered in a new collective of young, oft pissed-off rappers who eschewed the “ringtone rap” and Rick Ross-esque boasting that their generation grew up on for a more atmospheric and refreshingly human take on their oft-maligned genre. Led by enigmatic souls such as A$AP Rocky and Danny Brown, rap’s new class of 2011 was weird enough to catch the average indie listener’s ear while simultaneously possessing some serious pop chops, leading to a strange proliferation of a handful of these artists into the mainstream’s consciousness, saving us from the prospects of another Pitbull remix and injecting some much-needed life into the sputtering heart of modern hip-hop.
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