Local Puget Sounder Oberhofer at Coachella

Brad Oberhofer of Oberhofer is a Tacoma native who moved to Brooklyn a few years back to pursue a career in music.  Apparently he found some success out there because he has been featured in Sobe commercials and will be playing at this year’s Coachella.  I am told that he originally made Oberhofer’s music on his own, but he now has a band to help.  They will soon be releasing a full length album titled Time Capsule II (according to Pitchfork). Oberhofer’s poppy, yet diverse, sound will likely make for a nice set on the Polo Fields.

Here’s the single “Heart” from the upcoming album Time Capsule II.  You can download it too:


“oO0OoO0Oowas featured in a Sobe commercial.  Here it is featured in a clip on Sobe’s skinsuite add campaign, starring the gorgeous Ashley Green.



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