Coachella 2012: We’re Off!

“We can be a whole group of friends, a whole group of frogs, jumping into the street, jumping into the planet, climbing up the buildings, swimming in the lakes and the bathtubs. We would be hundreds, thousands, millions, the biggest group of friends the world has ever seen. Jumping and laughing forever.

It would be great, right?” -M83: “Raconte-Moi Une Histoire”

See you on the other side!


This Isn’t Happening: A Prescriptive Guide for Ignoring Coachella Weekend 1

By: Jack Stein

The stuff of dreams.

Today is Friday the 13th (not that yours truly is superstitious in the least.)

It also happens to be, so I’m told, the opening of Coachella Weekend #1 in beautiful Indio, CA. As a Weekend #2 wristband holder, I await my turn in line with great anxiety, envy, and just a dash of contempt. Continue reading

Yuck – “Chew”

By: Jack Stein

It’s been a minute since Yuck released their much-beloved self titled debut last year, and now we finally have some new music from the crew. Continue reading

The Weeknd: Confirmed

Bring the 707 out…to Coachella!

By: Jack Stein

How will monochrome-loving Abel fare under a burning California sun?

What better way for the reclusive, still-mysterious and hedonistic Lothario we have come to know (using the term loosely here) and love (sort of) as Abel Tesfaye to debut his surely sultry live show than at the Polo Fields at Coachella, presumably under a canvas of stars and a haze of smoke beneath one of the tents?

Continue reading