Poolside – “Slow Down”

By: Jack Stein


While swaths of cloud cover are probably still blanketing my beloved Pacific Northwest, summer has arrived emphatically here in the midwest. Continue reading

J @ Sasquatch!

This past Memorial day weekend I had the extreme pleasure of attending the best music festival the northwest has to offer. I am, of course, talking about Sasquatch. Beginning last year Sasquatch was upgraded from three days to four, and this was my first trek since the change. My initial thought of a four day festival was that it would be overwhelming. That come Sunday night I’d be dying to sleep in a real bed, take a hot shower, and stay off my feet for the next three days. I’m happy to say that I was wrong. The Gorge was shining over the weekend and the weather couldn’t have been better. Sure, it’s not as hot as the desert in Indio, or Grant Park in Chicago, but remember, that’s a good thing. During the day we saw plenty of sunshine with temperatures in the high 70s; I couldn’t have been happier. Night time actually got cold so there was no trouble sleeping in, either. The excellent temperatures during the day and the 7 plus hours of sleep each night left me feeling plenty energetic for a long weekend. By the time Monday ended, I didn’t want to go home, and right now I already miss it.

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From the Archives: My Bloody Valentine – Loveless

By: Jack Stein

* * *

Imagine, if you will, a naive 16-year old listening to Loveless for the first time. As “Only Shallow” erupts with seismic fury through my shitty earbuds, the tectonic plates beneath my understanding of pop music shift haphazardly, beautifully, vexingly. Continue reading

Chromatics – “Kill for Love”

By: Jack Stein

Chromatics show a great deal of audacity on their newest LP, the ethereal yet sublimely immediate Kill for Love. Continue reading

CFCF – Exercises EP

By: Jack Stein

Anachronistic high school science instructional videos on VHS. Donkey Kong Country. The ominously piano-laden movements on the Donnie Darko soundtrack. Staring up at a night sky from one’s backyard, wondering if anything at all is alive out there. If Montreal producer CFCF’s latest artistic metamorphosis on his recently dropped Exercises EP is redolent of any or all of those things, then you’re definitely in his wheelhouse. Continue reading

Coachella 2012: We’re Off!

“We can be a whole group of friends, a whole group of frogs, jumping into the street, jumping into the planet, climbing up the buildings, swimming in the lakes and the bathtubs. We would be hundreds, thousands, millions, the biggest group of friends the world has ever seen. Jumping and laughing forever.

It would be great, right?” -M83: “Raconte-Moi Une Histoire”

See you on the other side!


Beach House – “Lazuli”

By: Jack Stein

The Beach House onslaught continues. As the countdown to their Bloom LP crawls onward, the duo is dropping tracks at a quickening rate. “Lazuli” is the latest, and it is a beaut. Continue reading

This Isn’t Happening: A Prescriptive Guide for Ignoring Coachella Weekend 1

By: Jack Stein

The stuff of dreams.

Today is Friday the 13th (not that yours truly is superstitious in the least.)

It also happens to be, so I’m told, the opening of Coachella Weekend #1 in beautiful Indio, CA. As a Weekend #2 wristband holder, I await my turn in line with great anxiety, envy, and just a dash of contempt. Continue reading

Yuck – “Chew”

By: Jack Stein

It’s been a minute since Yuck released their much-beloved self titled debut last year, and now we finally have some new music from the crew. Continue reading