Featuring an array of track, album and concert reviews, we aim to make the user experience a little different.

For album and track reviews…

Whereas most blogs have an arbitrary rating system sometimes going from 1 to 10 (with decimals even!), we want to make things simple. What is the point of a review? To inform the reader whether or not it’s worth the effort to listen to. That’s where we come in. Our rating system has three options. Not ten, and no decimals. If we like something, we rate it: LISTEN. If we don’t, it receives a NOT WORTH IT. If we love it? It’s a MUST LISTEN. Simple as that.

After every album review we will also highlight exactly what makes that album so special. What sets that album apart from others in its class? Lyrics? Instrumentation? Vocals? Underlying Themes? And lastly, we will also highlight a few choice songs that you can’t miss.

For Concert Reviews

The concert experience can be influenced by many other factors other than the actual musical performance. In the concert review section we will try our best to capture the entire experience, rather than only focusing on how the band sounds. The crowd and atmosphere play a huge role, as does lighting and acoustics. We aim to diligently observe all factors at play, and relay that information to you.

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