This Isn’t Happening: A Prescriptive Guide for Ignoring Coachella Weekend 1

By: Jack Stein

The stuff of dreams.

Today is Friday the 13th (not that yours truly is superstitious in the least.)

It also happens to be, so I’m told, the opening of Coachella Weekend #1 in beautiful Indio, CA. As a Weekend #2 wristband holder, I await my turn in line with great anxiety, envy, and just a dash of contempt. Continue reading


Beach House – “On the Sea”

By: Jack Stein

Raise your hand if you’re excited for May 15th.

OK, cool, I’m not the only one. Continue reading

Yuck – “Chew”

By: Jack Stein

It’s been a minute since Yuck released their much-beloved self titled debut last year, and now we finally have some new music from the crew. Continue reading

Mister Lies – “Cleam”

By: Jack Stein

About a month ago, we shared “I Walk”, the pensively seductive debut jam from occult Chicago producer Mister Lies. The man is back with “Cleam” from the gorgeous Hidden Neighbors EP, which you can grab over at his BandCamp. Continue reading

From the Archives: Jeff Buckley – Grace

By: Jack Stein

The following is the first installment in a purported series, wherein the writers of jjmt look back fondly at some records/songs/artists that existed long before the dawn of this blog. Also, we get to prove that we listen to music outside the oh-so-hip confines of “indie”/”chillwave”/etc. etc. Enjoy.

* * *

Allow me to preface this by stating that nothing Jeff Buckley ever recorded stands within the confines of what is considered “cool” by modern hypercritical and self-conscious standards. Continue reading

Fucked Up: Live

By: Jack Stein

Monday, April 9, 2012 / Chicago, IL / Lincoln Hall

A haiku (an ode, if you will) to the fine gentlemen & one lady in Fucked Up. Continue reading