So Lil B walks into a NYU Lecture Hall…

By: Jack Stein

It actually happened. Continue reading


Mid By Midwest: 5 shows, 7 days

By: Jack Stein

For those of us entrenched in academia, spring break is nearly, gloriously, finally upon us. What better way to celebrate one’s temporary liberation from the bone-rattling cries of schoolchildren than by seeing a shit ton of shows? Continue reading

Elite Gymnastics

By: Jack Stein

“Here, In Heaven” (Remix 4/5 by CFCF)

Elite Gymnastics have been around for a minute, but their eclectic brand of shuddering, polyrhythmic electronica is finally starting to reach an audience. Continue reading

Fort Romeau

By: Jack Stein

“Say Something”

Late night jams are an invaluable commodity, and UK-based producer Fort Romeau (a touring member of party-starting standbys La Roux) is churning ’em out as of late. Continue reading

Goodbye, Air France

By: Jack Stein

How cruel is it that as temperatures are (finally) rising, days are stretching ever-longer, and spring rears its fragrant head, one of the bands most fit for the warmer seasons is calling it quits. Air France, the beloved electronic duo from Gothenburg, Sweden, released a statement on their Tumblr ( today insinuating that they were breaking up after being unable to follow up 2008’s sublime EP No Way Down: “…we stopped trying, even though it breaks our hearts.” Ours, too. Continue reading

The Men – “Oscillation”

By: Jack Stein

* * *

The Men are a four-piece from Brooklyn that is currently riding a wave of critical acclaim for their recently dropped sophomore LP, Open Your Heart. If the notion of a Brooklyn-based buzz band in 2012 conjures up images of the 500th dudes who are simply content to mess around with Pro Tools in a bedroom while conjuring up hazily nostalgic vibes, you’re forgiven. Continue reading