Poolside – “Slow Down”

By: Jack Stein


While swaths of cloud cover are probably still blanketing my beloved Pacific Northwest, summer has arrived emphatically here in the midwest. In a suitably blunt, Chicagoan fashion, the summer here doesn’t fuck around. I could hem and haw about the stifling humidity and my vampire-like relegation to air-conditioned space for the sunlit hours of the day, but all this is simply apropos of “Slow Down”, a little song that knowingly winks at my heat-inflicted torpor.

I am told that (the painfully obviously named) Poolside is a duo from Los Angeles, who has an (also painfully obviously named) LP called Pacific Standard Time dropping in July, when Chicago will probably feel like the catacombs of hell. However, none of this climatic context really matters once you give this unassuming cut a listen. Nothing fancy or revelatory here: Washed Out-esque synths, some shuffling percussion, and shimmering guitar licks have become standard fare for the warmer months over the last few years. What Poolside truly delivers is a salve for feeling like your skin is going to melt off, an auditory approximation of jumping in cold water after baking in the sun. Refreshing, to say the least. Perhaps there is hope for summer survival yet.



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