Beach House – “Lazuli”

By: Jack Stein

The Beach House onslaught continues. As the countdown to their Bloom LP crawls onward, the duo is dropping tracks at a quickening rate. “Lazuli” is the latest, and it is a beaut.

While previously leaked album cuts “Myth” and “On the Sea” are gorgeous in their own right, they were a bit murkier, showcasing Beach House’s command of mood and ambience rather than their songwriting brilliance. As such, it’s refreshing to hear “Lazuli” bursting at the seams with blindingly bright immediacy, the twinkling keyboards and shimmering guitar recalling “Norway” in sheer pop perfection while the dual vocal harmonies soar into the aether during the blissful coda. This may be the best thing they’ve ever written, and it’s certainly the most promising sign thus far that Bloom could very well be our album of the year.

Must Listen



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