Beach House – “On the Sea”

By: Jack Stein

Raise your hand if you’re excited for May 15th.

OK, cool, I’m not the only one. As you may know, that’s the day that Beach House’s latest LP, Bloom (cover art above) drops, a long 28 months after the wistful Baltimore duo graced us with the masterful Teen Dream. About a month ago, we previewed “Myth”, the lead track from Bloom (, and now we have another gorgeous song to share with you.

“On the Sea” is a thing of shimmering beauty, with Alex Scally’s languorous and crystalline guitar lines enveloping Victoria Legrand’s husky voice. It also shows off a promising trend that “Myth” illustrated so deftly about this band: Beach House are no longer content to let things rotate in beautiful stasis. Rather, this track builds up to a point of overpowering tumescence, threatening to spill over the sides until the swelling instrumentation recedes. And then you play it again.

“On the Sea”:


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