Fucked Up: Live

By: Jack Stein

Monday, April 9, 2012 / Chicago, IL / Lincoln Hall

A haiku (an ode, if you will) to the fine gentlemen & one lady in Fucked Up.

* * *

Does it get better?

An evening spent with Fucked Up

Visceral punk fury.


Damian takes the stage

Shirtless, primal, and frothing

Beast or man? Your call.


The band in prime form

Supplementing Damian’s howling

Building caustic bliss.


Singer joins the crowd

A sweating, barking teddy bear

Giving scores of hugs.


His bandmates frankly

Look tired of his antics

Probably just jealous.


David Comes to Life

Played in its entirety

Thing of raucous beauty.


No bands can match this

Unhinged yet melodic squall.

Go see Fucked Up now.



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