Mid By Midwest: 5 shows, 7 days

By: Jack Stein

For those of us entrenched in academia, spring break is nearly, gloriously, finally upon us. What better way to celebrate one’s temporary liberation from the bone-rattling cries of schoolchildren than by seeing a shit ton of shows?

This writer is witnessing five (very disparate) artists in seven days over the next week, four of which are in Chicago, and a fifth in Seattle in a much-anticipated reunion with the other three writers for this blog. Things kick off with Youth Lagoon at The Metro (pictured) and wrap up at Seattle’s Moore Theater at the hands of the sublime Explosions in the Sky. Below is the tentative schedule for MXMW (yes, I’m copyrighting that); check back daily for write-ups on the following shows.

  • Wednesday, 4/4: Youth Lagoon (The Metro)
  • Thursday, 4/5: Shabazz Palaces (Lincoln Hall)
  • Friday, 4/6: Cloud Nothings (Schuba’s)
  • Monday, 4/9: Fucked Up (Lincoln Hall)
  • Tuesday, 4/10: Explosions In The Sky (The Moore Theater)


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