Elite Gymnastics

By: Jack Stein

“Here, In Heaven” (Remix 4/5 by CFCF)

Elite Gymnastics have been around for a minute, but their eclectic brand of shuddering, polyrhythmic electronica is finally starting to reach an audience. The project finds two bros from Minneapolis rebelling against their metropolis’ chilly climate to create some globe-hopping pop that pulls from a myriad of sample sources and inspirations; Jim Jones, The Avalanches, and Final Fantasy VIII, to name a few (listen for the weepy string sample in “Is This On Me?” to relive the halcyon days with your PlayStation.) The above track, a remix of “Here, In Heaven” by CFCF is particularly gorgeous, floating along with beautiful orchestral flourishes for a too-brief eight minutes.

Check out the vicious “So Close To Paradise” below, and visit their tumblr for free downloads. More on these guys to come.


“So Close To Paradise”





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