Goodbye, Air France

By: Jack Stein

How cruel is it that as temperatures are (finally) rising, days are stretching ever-longer, and spring rears its fragrant head, one of the bands most fit for the warmer seasons is calling it quits. Air France, the beloved electronic duo from Gothenburg, Sweden, released a statement on their Tumblr ( today insinuating that they were breaking up after being unable to follow up 2008’s sublime EP No Way Down: “…we stopped trying, even though it breaks our hearts.” Ours, too.

There are all sorts of thinkpieces that could spring from this, including how noble it is that a revered band has broken up not because they stopped loving what they do/weren’t making money, but because their product wasn’t good enough, because they couldn’t meet their own high expectations. I could go on and on about how these two unassuming Swedish dudes essentially, through their wistful sampling of Balearic tunes from their bedrooms, probably presaged the entire chillwave movement that is still taking place across the Atlantic. Hell, one could even mention the fact that, as scene kings The Avalanches are purportedly returning this year with a new LP, Air France were arguably the new royalty in sun-drenched, nostalgically heartstring-tugging electronica.

However, I won’t bore you to tears, and will try to be as succinct in eulogizing as Air France was on record (never released an album longer than six tracks) and in their own terse goodbye. Below are highlights from their too-brief discography; No Way Down deserves many listens in its entirety this spring and summer. We’ll miss you guys.

* * *

“It Feels Good to Be Around You”, their last single:

“Collapsing at Your Doorstep” (from 2008’s No Way Down: )

“Beach Party” (from debut EP On Trade Winds:)


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