Beach House Returns

Listen to “Myth” below.

There’s not many things out there that I would rather wake up to than a new Beach House track. Following reports that a new album from the hazily gorgeous Baltimore duo is out in May, the track “Myth” popped up on their website this morning, and it’s a stunner in a fashion that’s become expected of these guys.

The hallmarks of what make Beach House a seminal modern act are all here. The luminescent, rippling lead guitar, Victoria Legrand’s smokily seductive vocals, a sense of longing and lovelorn wistfulness. With the sun rising ever-earlier, winter’s freeze thawing and spring on the horizon, this is the perfect stuff to soundtrack the changing of the seasons. Plenty more on this development in the near future as details on the record leak out, but for now take solace in this: Beach House is back.


One thought on “Beach House Returns

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