Explosions in the Sky – Take Care, Take Care, Take Care

By: Taylor Morton

It’s been four years since the Austin based instrumental rock band put forth any new material, but after listening to their latest release, fans have no problem forgiving Munaf Rayani and company for the wait, as Take Care, Take Care, Take Care delivers on everything fans could have wished for.  Following in a similar fashion as their previous works, Take Care does not try to change its stripes in order to gain popularity and appeal to a wider fan base.  Instead, Explosions does what they do best: they take you on what I always picture as a sort of magic carpet ride, where they formulate musical waves that takes those who are willing to simply let go on an imaginary ride; one filled with joy, sorrow, passion, and pain.

Explosions quartet ranges anywhere from one to three guitarists at any given time, often changing back and forth in the same song, where each song is layered in such a fashion that each note by each instrument is purposeful, providing a sort of infrastructure for everything else that follows.  This revolutionary bands gift lies in its ability to express a tremendous amount of emotion and feeling through its music.  It is difficult to know when each song is truly hitting the crest, many times hitting four or five peaks on a single track, but even as each wave of music hits a crescendo and depolarizes back to a normal slow beat, we can inevitably expect the conclusion of each track to reach an overarching, unified climax leaving the listener with a feeling of both happiness, where we cannot help but experience a sense of euphoria waft over us,  and warmth, as each member of Explosions pours their heart and soul into playing each and every note.

At times, it feels like one instrument governs the others, emulating a composer over an orchestra, but with a more post-modern rock type feel, where that instrument is cueing its brothers to the pulse and pace that it is deciding at each and every moment.  We are taken on our musical journey throughout most of “Trembling Hands” by the dominant force of the drums, and by the high pitched guitar notes in “Postcard from 1952” that pull us in around the three minute mark.  Some of the music reviewing masses on the interweb harp on Explosions in the Sky’s newest album, calling it more of the same, criticizing that Take Care offers little originality.  However, after being an Explosions supporter for nearly 5 years, I find this album, to be on par in ingenuity with their best works, alongside The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place and How Strange, Innocence, while still offering fresh and mesmerizing jams to guide our wandering imagination towards a musical nirvana.

Whether you are spending your day off from work cleaning the house, locked up in a library cramming into the wee hours of the morning for that midterm, or just driving down I-5 on another rainy day in Seattle, Take Care, Take Care, Take Care provides a little something for everyone and definitely is without a doubt a Must Listen!

Highlights: “Postcard from 1952”, “Let Me Back In”, “Last Known Surroundings”

**Disclaimer: For those who are unfamiliar with Explosions, it is not meant to be listened to passively on that short 5 minute drive to the nearest market store, but instead is best appreciated when you are able to give it the close attention it deserves**

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