The Weeknd: Confirmed

Bring the 707 out…to Coachella!

By: Jack Stein

How will monochrome-loving Abel fare under a burning California sun?

What better way for the reclusive, still-mysterious and hedonistic Lothario we have come to know (using the term loosely here) and love (sort of) as Abel Tesfaye to debut his surely sultry live show than at the Polo Fields at Coachella, presumably under a canvas of stars and a haze of smoke beneath one of the tents?

Yes, The Weeknd, for whom a much-maligned & oft-delayed debut U.S.  tour has long been rumored, appears to finally be taking the leap, bringing his delectably hedonistic ways to one of the biggest stages in the world. The festival’s facebook page now includes one of Abel’s videos (, adding his to those of already confirmed acts Azealia Banks & araabmuzik. Not bad so far, Goldenvoice!

Dude’s going to be soundtracking a whole lot of sex and illicit drug use in Indio this April, as well as showing us his live game for the first time on American soil. This writer, for one, cannot wait. Bring your glass tables.

Thanks to the fellow Chicagoans at Pitchfork for the tip.

Check signature jam “What You Need” below.


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