Youth Lagoon – The Year of Hibernation

Youth Lagoon does not easily fit within the confines of one genre. Set in an overall slower tempo, the album only hits the notes it needs to, and none of what isn’t necessary. While Youth Lagoon’s distorted, falsetto vocals may turn you off at first, its simplified, yet powerful melodies and echoing bass will keep you wanting more.

Though it’s hard to compare Youth Lagoon to any single band out there, The XX comes to mind. Both bands find their strength in more of what’s not there, than what is. In addition, both The XX and Youth Lagoon have captured a great contrast between melodic vocals and hard hitting rhythms. However, The XX relies more heavily on the vocal talent of its two lead singers, whereas Youth Lagoon makes up for average vocals by adding depth to the instrumentation of the songs.¬†The major difference between the two bands is that Youth Lagoon has found a core competence in evolving a slow and simple song into a powerful anthem that ends with the listener wanting more.

Highlights:¬†Tracks like: ‘Cannons’, ‘Daydream’, and ‘Afternoon’ will pull you in and get you on the Youth Lagoon bandwagon, but others such as: ’17’, ‘July’, and ‘Montana’ are what make this album one of the best of 2011.

Without a doubt, this album is a Must Listen


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